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This site contains translations of more than 1,000 important suttas from the Pali canon

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    The Buddhist Society

    The Buddhist Society provides classes and courses in the teachings of the major Buddhist traditions, as well as a general introduction to Buddhism and its historical development

Shobo-an calligraphy

Shobo-an Zen Temple Facebook page

A link to our facebook page

Hampshire Buddhist Society

The Hampshire Buddhist Society is affiliated to the Zen Centre and holds meetings in Southampton on Monday evenings.

Manchester/Oldham group

A small group of mixed experience who meet regularly in Oldham under the support and guidance of the Zen Centre.

Oslo Zen Buddhist Group

A group based in Oslo and affiliated to the Zen Centre, providing an opportunity for interested parties to learn about and practice Zen Buddhism.

Daitoku-ji temple, Kyoto

Rinzai-Obaku Zen

The Official Site of the Joint Council for Japanese Rinzai and Obaku Zen

The Zen Gateway

The Zen Gateway

The Zen Gateway is an on-line magazine or e-zine for anyone practicing or just interested in Chan/Zen Buddhism, feauring quality articles on the Buddhist teachings and practice, particularly from the Chan/Zen schools.

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